The Makers

the makers of gathered in alphabetical order, in seven categories:


elizabeth buettner {happy creek organics}
~all-natural herbal soaps~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Elizabeth uses only pure, natural ingredients and loves experimenting with unique components in her soaps. Each one is scented only with 100% essential oils."

ashlyee deakins {ashlyee's apothecary}
~all-natural bath & beauty products~  Virginia Beach, Virginia
     "I'm mommy to an energetic 4 year old little boy and wife to a Navy sailor. I absolutely love whipping up homemade natural, way better for you, beauty products. After lots of testing, I've finally found recipes that I like, and I'm so excited to share them with everyone! Every candle is made from 100% pure soybean wax. Not only is it great for the environment and for your health, but it's also a huge boost to the American economy! Each jar of eye shadow is made from pure, natural ingredients. They do not include harsh chemicals or any of those typical nasty ingredients you will find in store bought powders, making them great for those with sensitive skin. They are also vegan friendly!"

earthborn mothers {iris oils}
~aromatherapy~  Richmond, Virginia
     "Our products are made with only the purest of ingredients and compliment and comfort the many facets of women's lives. We use the natural properties found in essential oils to create aromatherapy products that promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle."

dianne erb {the erb garden}
~herbal tinctures & body care~  Bedford, Virginia
     "Being a horticulturist, with many years of experience, provides me with the knowledge of growing very healthy, organic herbs. I have my own organic greenhouse and provide my community with healthy, pesticide free vegetable plants and herbs. My passion is herbs and how they are used to heal your body from conditions and disease. I firmly believe in the use of herbs in your daily diet to keep your immune system healthy and active. Growing our own herbs gives us the complete control over making sure we use the freshest, healthiest and chemical free plants possible. Hand picked and dried by us!"

nina {midnight gypsy alchemy}
~natural perfume apothecary~  Roanoke, Virginia
     "Inspired by the art of ancient alchemy, natural perfumery and my Spanish Gypsy heritage, I offer products of perfume oils, solid perfumes, soy candles and bath tea salts created to capture a time and place where natural beauty and elegance mingle with the curious mysteries of magick and the arcane. Handmade, imaginative offerings that give refuge the kindred gypsy like soul in search of the uncommon."

meredith miller {little sugar naturals}
~all-natural body care~  Front Royal, Virginia
Little Sugar Naturals is located in Front Royal, Virginia.  We are a small company with only six hands at the moment. . .two of which are only nine years old. . .not quite old enough to use the mixer yet.  
It all started with a vial of lavender.  About eight years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils.  At the time our 'Little Sugar', Mia-Elizabeth was a year and a half old.  I began learning all I could about essential oils and started using them therapeutically with both my Mia and my hubby, too! One day I decided to make a body butter for Mia using cocoa butter and the lavender oil I’d fallen in love with and. . .poof, Little Sugar Naturals was born!  We hope you enjoy your 'Little Sugars' as much as we enjoy making them for you!"

amanda & john murphy {damselfly llc}
~homemade sugar scrubs & burlap display boards~  Strasburg, Virginia
     "We are a small business located in Strasburg, VA in the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley. We specialize in unique products for bath and home from local providers."

nichole snodgrass
~repurposed mason jar goods~  Front Royal, Virginia
     Bio coming soon...

michael turner {beeswax candlelight}
~natural beeswax candles~  Front Royal, Virginia
I am a carpenter by trade and enjoy working with the beeswax as a hobby. i am happily married to my wife Deanna of 25 years and we have six beautiful children! I have always had an artistic bent but the candle venture is the first time I have had success in selling something that I make from the heart. Other art pieces have always been given away! Please support this venture as the candles are wonderful and I really enjoy making them for you."


ali & allison {the dotted fawn}
~fabric-covered earrings~  Winchester, Virginia
     "We really believe our story has been written for us, we never expected to be part of this journey! We started out as just two, very down to earth women who became friends after learning about the eerie amount of similarities we have! Our first pair of Dots were created one evening when we decided to do something crafty. After a few days of sporting our new creations, some of our friends started to suggest we sell our adorable Dots and that's where the dreaming began. We quickly realized how our dreams and passions could collide within The Dotted Fawn!"

victoria bahr {trueheart goods}
~geographically inspired pillows~  Norfolk, Virginia
     "Victoria specializes in textile accessories for the home, inspired by the states in which we live. We're excited to carry her Virginia-shaped pillows and ornaments! She also co-runs a shop in Norfolk called Kitsch."

sandra charles
~wearable textile arts~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "When she's not running her bed & breakfast with her husband in Front Royal, Sandra spends her free time in her fibers studio in the garden behind the inn. She enjoys dyeing and sewing, creating wearable art for girls and women of all ages."

kristi fox {PeetSwea}
~textile goods~  Leesburg, Virginia
     "PeetSwea is my entrepreneurial side at work. My love for sewing has now turned into a store where you can purchase totes, bags and other household items that I have handmade in my home.  I have a strong belief that functional can also be beautiful and fun – you can see this beauty in the fabrics that I  use for my products."

kate fristoe {threadsie}
~textile goods for baby~  Bentonville, Virginia
     "A native to Virginia and a new mom, Kate has embraced green living with her washable cloth diaper covers, bibs, and wet bags. Her cheerful fabric pattern combinations are seemingly endless, and the diaper covers come in small, medium, and large."

jocelyn gayle {petit felts}
~fine art finger puppets~  Connecticut
     "I am a Connecticut-based artist, recently relocated from my roots in the South. My new rural surroundings have inspired me to discover my love of needle felting. I create animals, some of which I have the pleasure of seeing quite often (lambs, hens, etc.), and some that I really have no chance of ever running into around these parts (giraffes, penguins, and the like).
     In creating my finger puppets I have found the best way to connect with my inner child. I hope that my little friends can help you reconnect with yours!"

lynn gilliam {blue moon petunia}
~textile housewares for the whole family~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "I am a stay at home mom of three boys and they are my inspiration. I have always enjoyed making things for those I love and now I'm happy to have the opportunity to share them with you. Each item... has been a long loved favorite or one that I hope will soon be a favorite as I'm always creating new things."

soyini george {yinibini baby}
~organic onesies & bibs for baby~  Washington, D.C.
     "When I was a little girl living in Guyana, South America, my mom used to take me to see my Great Aunt Jean, who is a great seamstress. I still remember how she pinned and gathered the fabric to create style and bounce, all while holding animated and entertaining conversations with my mom.
     That was just the beginning of my love for art, design, and color. A year after graduating from college, and with $100, a dining room table, and tons of motivation, I started the Yinibini brand of clothing and jewelry for women. Today, the brand has been expanded into clothing and accessories for babies."

janet gray {horseshoe neck handweavers}
~handwoven textile accessories~  Lynchburg, Virginia     "I have been involved with "arts and crafts" ever since I can remember. My love of craftsmanship came along naturally-my grandfather was a women's tailor, my grandmother and mother were expert seamstresses, and my dad was a furrier and excellent woodworker... I took a 2 week class at the John C Campbell Fold School in North Carolina to learn to weave... It felt like I had been weaving all my life, it came so naturally for me. My husband built a beautiful timber frame shop for me, and Horseshoe Neck (a bend in the Yadkin River near where we lived) Handweavers was born. I love every part of the process- picking colors, winding the warp, threading my loom, throwing the shuttle, watching the finished material wind its way around the back beam. Seeing yards of fmaterial hang from my clothesline brings me such joy! All my handwovens are made of cotton and linen in various combinations. They are meant to be enjoyed."

carolyn jenkins {for paws & home}
~handcrafted pet accessories~  Colonial Beach, Virginia
     "My love of animals and crafts has come together to create my shop For Paws and Home. I have been crafting as long as I can remember. I think it all started when my Grandmother used to sit and crochet beautiful pineapple dollies. I asked her to teach me and she said I was too young, so I was handed the old potholder loom... I think she was tired of seeing potholders and graduated me to a skein of yarn and she started showing me the basics of crocheting, which is still one of my favorite past times. There are so many things I want to make."

jen kyser & kristin {jCUBEDk}
~boho silk scarves~  Haymarket, Virginia
Our story began six years ago when our families met.  We are Military wives, moms and co-creators.  What began as a hobby in our living room, over casual conversation and family dinner, has turned into a wonderfully fun successful business!  We are so very thankful for the opportunity we have been given and the outpouring of support from our families and our customers.  Looking back over the last year, our designs have gone from great to even better:)  My love for sparkle and the flirty uniqueness of each design is how each scarf begins.  We add Kristin’s chunky knits or crocheted strands to every scarf, which adds texture and pops of color that makes every scarf one of a kind. With the help of several family members, some of our designs incorporate a little piece of their artistic ability too:) Whether it be an accent strand or a suggested color combination, it is teamwork at it’s finest.  One of the things we love the most about the business, is the opportunity it has given us to give back to local organizations important to us.  We will continue to do this every chance we get. We love our boys, coffee (with cream), symmetry (sometimes), celebrity gossip, and seeing colorful design come together to create a chic accent to any woman’s outfit, which makes her smile!"

donna la pré
~natural textile accessories~  Washington, Virginia
     "It is fairly rare I find, in our modern “pre-made” culture, for people to have a grounded connection with how things are made by hand. Each artisan... who is able to work in a context of freedom and interest in their work, is truly producing a labor of love. Biographically, learning to sew was a self-impelled urge that arose when I was about 5 or 6. I have become enchanted with dyeing silks with botanical materials. Silk holds special qualities of light amongst the fabrics, and plant dyed colors offer a luminosity and warmth which chemical dyes cannot achieve. I enjoy gazing at [the end results] awhile before the right person comes along to claim them."

sharon leon {woolen whimsy}
~crocheted wool children's goods~  Strasburg, Virginia
     "I am a homemaker & mother of two living in beautiful rural Strasburg, Virginia. My quiet time is spent working with my hands needle felting, knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidering, beading, gardening & reading. I love working with wool and other natural fibers to create woolen whimsies for babies and adults alike. My children's toys and hats are made with 100% natural wool yarns and fibers. All of my hand-knit and crocheted wearables are made with wool, alpaca, linen, bamboo &/or silk fibers. Most pieces are created on a whim & because of that, are one-of-a-kind!"

jamie markel {NeedleHook designs}
~crocheted natural fiber accessories~  York, Pennsylvania
     "As a young girl I was awed by my grandmother's crocheting.  I would sit and watch her for as long as she would let me until she finally put the crochet hook and yarn in my hand, showed me some basics and sent me on my way to crochet my own creations.  I also learned much about sewing from her and many years later, I taught myself how to knit. Taking a string of yarn or a flat piece of fabric and transforming it into garments and accessories still fascinates me with each piece I make.  My other passion has been with vintage buttons and buckles, so I combine them with natural fiber fabric and yarns to make my one-of-a-kind creations." whimsical, and sometimes dark, creatures and scenery."

joanna mccue-martin {heron's nest}
~hand-made children's items~  Linden, Virginia
     "JoAnna is a mother of two, somehow finding time in her busy life to create bright and cheerful children's items, such as bibs and skirts. She also crafts colorful coiled fabric bowls, perfect for catching those loose items around your house, but beautiful enough to collect and display."

isadora dillan mosch {dillan made}
~soft jewelry & accessories~  Athens, Georgia     "Isadora Dillan lives in Athens, Georgia where she is knitting, crafting, sewing, studying philosophy, and cooking."

jennifer otey {daydreaming gifts}
~crocheted items for all ages~  Charles Town, West Virginia
     "My name is Jennifer and I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to craft! I grew up taking whatever I had around me and making something new and exciting out of it. Creating something out of nothing is an amazing feeling and it's what I strive to do every day."

judy riggs {rigglettes}
~lampwork bead keychains & men's bowties~  Martinsburg, WV
     "My jewelry 'hobby' is a great creative outlet - selling it helps to cover the cost of making it - I love to work with lampwork beads. Most of the focal beads I use come from the amazing artists on Etsy! I'm especially fond of bright, intense colors. My jewelry {and bow ties} are fun, bright and casual."

tamra sadler {tamra s bags}
~handbags~  Amelia Court House, Virginia
     "I began sewing 20 years ago and have always given my creations to family and friends. My two adult daughters have proudly carried bags "made by mom" since childhood. Since I started TamraSBag I have been busy selling in boutiques and festivals around Virginia. I enjoy meeting new people and love feedback from those who have purchased a TamraSBag. I specialize in creating unique handbags and accessories. I hand pick every fabric, lining and trim, then cut and sew each bag one at a time. Every TamraSBag is not only stylish and functional but extremely durable."

carol spalding {angel's roost quilts}
~quilted landscapes~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "I began my artwork as a painter, using oils and acrylics. Once I discovered the quilting world, I gave up the paints in exchange for expressing myself through fabric, loving the textures and dimensions that it offered. I lived many years in the Sierra Mountain area and from their scenic beauty I drew much inspiration. A recent move has brought me to a new mountain area, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which is a gorgeous setting for my new studio.

     Most of my current work is appliqué. I draw my designs on full size paper then transfer them to muslin, which I hang on a flannel design wall. I audition my fabric, pinning bits and pieces to the muslin, sometimes leaving them for several days while deciding whether or not they suit my design intent. My appliqué work is done in both raw edge (by machine) and turned under (by hand) appliqué depending on the desired effect, and I usually combine both methods. I work from photographs of both figures and landscapes, other times the starting point of a quilt is a single event or thought. Either way I express my painter's point of view, using fabric instead of paint to reproduce a scene."

cadyn speziale
~bead embroidered felt jewelry~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "At my studio in Front Royal, Virginia, I create jewelry, accessories, and home adornments. The series of bead-embellished cuff bracelets and necklaces is the culmination of my fiber arts studies in Savannah, GA. Glass seed beads and semi-precious stones are individually stitched onto felt, forming abstract patterns that become cuffs, pendant necklaces, and collars. I am inspired by microcosms and macrocosms alike; the philosophy of color combining; and the meditative process of repetitive methods."

leann trowbridge {lala circuit}
~handmade, hand-dyed recycled apparel~  Washington, DC
     "I've had a constant itch to make things since I was a little girl. I love clothing, jewelry, making something new out of something old, drafting the architecture of clothing patterns, sewing, dyeing fabric, hammering metals... all of it! I carved out a career by focusing this energy mainly into fashion, and owned a vintage clothing shop for over a decade (Meeps, in Washington, DC). Since selling the shop, I have continued to create this small line of handmade clothing and accessories to sell at other local venues and now to sell here in the Etsy community. Each piece is made by me sometime amid the ebb and flow of life with my two young daughters, both of whom appear to be inheriting a love for tinkering, creating, and dressing with intention. Cheers!"

ann williams & david furstenau {farmhouse vintage}
~textiles & refurbished vintage wares~  Front Royal, Virginia           
     "Ann and her partner, David, have been seeking out vintage treasures for over ten years now, and together they often refurbish their finds to give them new life. Ann delicately repairs century-old quilts and paints elegant flowers onto home accessories; David skillfully takes apart tables, cabinets, and chests of drawers, fixes the damages, adds new parts, and refinishes the exterior, sometimes resulting in a brand new piece. Together they turn well-loved furniture and housewares into new family heirlooms."

eve winslow {thimble and acorn}
~all-natural apparel~  Woodstock, Vermont
     "I started Thimble and Acorn in 2007, as a way to bring the kind of work that I truly enjoy back into my life. I have been making clothing for myself and others for many years, and am lucky enough to do it for a living! I love learning new crafts and techniques. I have been weaving out of my home studio for a few years now, and am completely in love with it! In the winter I love nothing more than hunkering down by the woodstove to knit for the shop or work on new weaving projects! When I am not working on Thimble and Acorn, I am busy working in the garden and taking care of my three chickens. I try to preserve as much food as I can (get it?) for the winter months. I also enjoy soap making, and learning about natural wellbeing."


joy bridy
~wood-fired pottery~  Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia
     "Joy is currently working and teaching in her solo studio in the rolling hills of Jefferson County, WV, among neighbors of cows, horses, and peach orchards. After designing and building her hybrid bourry box wood kiln, she's thrilled to be deep in the creating cycle for the next firing, plus combing the local crevices for kiln firing crew members, creating the balance between personal work and community building that she loves best."

chuck brome {limeton pottery}
~gas-fired pottery~  Bentonville, Virginia
     "I've been a potter since 1971 when I apprenticed to a potter in Washington, DC. In 1979, I established my pottery studio at home after moving to Limeton near Front Royal with my wife Janet and out infant son. My work is gas-fired and utilitarian. I like to think of the pieces I make being used in the daily rituals of life. Pottery to me is about touch as well as appearance. How does this mug feel in the hand? How does it meet the lips? Pottery is also about turning dart into artifacts of living. I feel grateful to be part of the long tradition of pottery making."

annegret kilby {riverhouse pottery}
~cut-out porcelain pottery~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Bio coming soon..."

terry o'neill {red hand gallery}
~glazed handthrown pottery~  Round Hill, Virginia
     "Terry throws, fires, and glazes his porcelain creations out of his home studio in Round Hill. He creates his own custom glaze blends from minerals, and if a piece doesn't meet his perfection standards, he won't sell it. Terry learned his craft by watching other "glaze masters," and treats the process as equal parts art and science. He isn't the only talented one in his family, either. Terry's wife Lisa is a surrealist painter, and their daughter is also a student of visual arts."

barbarah robertson
~pottery for the kitchen & garden~  Strasburg, Virginia
     "Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Barbarah transplanted to the Shenandoah Valley and began taking pottery classes in the early 1990s. Now a full-time potter based in Strasburg, Virginia, Barbarah is an official juried artisan of the Artisan Center of Virginia and a long-standing member of the Shenandoah Potters Guild. She participates in various arts and crafts shows/exhibits and gives educational workshops in the Valley and Northern Virginia/DC metro area. Barbarah's main focus is the production of functional kitchen and tableware meant for day to day use, as well as a line of whimsical garden and gift items."

heather thompson {the inspired spirit}
~handmade gemstone jewelry~  Richmond, Virginia
The Inspired Spirit was born a few years ago after completing my Fine Arts Degree. I have been a crystal collector for many years and have studied vastly on their metaphysical healing properties. Through my experiences with crystals, I decided that it was time to take the next step and do my part to share what I know with all of you! I am combining my background in art with my knowledge and passion for healing. These pieces have now become wearable devices and are truly alive with energy. It is my intent to spread this Love and this Light through my work and to inspire your spirit!"

cathy & mike wolniewicz {tree top studio}

~reclaimed wood & ceramic boxes~  Chester Gap, Virginia
     "The collaborative works of a husband and wife team, these handmade, one-of-a-kind boxes have been used for special gifts, ceremonial rituals, to house personal mementos, and to hold loved one's ashes. These boxes are also sculptures that may beautifully adorn coffee tables, artist nooks, and entry ways, making unique conversation pieces. All the boxes are signed by the artists and are authentic works of art. Take home a piece of Virginia today!"


john coles {brother john leather}
~leather accessories & housewares~  Charlottesville, Virginia
     "Hand crafted leather bags, wallets, and accessories. Minimalist in design, beautiful yet rugged. Thoughtfully made from quality materials that will age and patina with grace."

mary lynn schroeder {in blue}
~leather wares~  Asheville, North Carolina
     "In Blue started in 2008, after a relocation from Chicago to a small town (400 people!) in Southern Illinois. I bought a sewing machine on the way down, learned how to work it, and never looked back..  
     Now located in Asheville, NC, In Blue resides in a large shared studio space overlooking the French Broad River. Together we make each piece by hand every day. We start with full hides of leather, cut out our pattern pieces, sew 'em up, stamp down our ink, and ship them out the door! We love what we do, and it means the world to the In Blue team to be able to bring you a personalized craft and a unique way to express yourself."


sharon adams
~hand-painted saw blades~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Living here in Front Royal, Sharon paints beautiful rural scenery on authentic vintage saw blades."

elaine butcher {elaine b. jewelry}
~fine metal jewelry~  Charlottesville, Virginia
     "Raised in Denver Colorado, Elaine Butcher moved to Virginia to be near family and go to school at Virginia Commonwealth University. There she discovered the wonders of metal and glass and shortly after graduating in 2009 began experimenting for what would become her line of jewelry. Undaunted by the challenges of being an artist and maker, Elaine has a metal studio in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, still blows glass, and is excited by new opportunities every day.
     All objects have the illusion of space, but my favorite ones are airy and simple yet thoughtful. This is especially important when it comes to the things that we wear. I create tiny sculptural worlds using traditional jewelry materials and incorporating geometric elements, to make objects that are light but have a weighty presence."

lisette fee {eilisain jewelry}
~totem animal jewelry~  Greenville, North Carolina
     "Lisette finds inspiration from the local people and wildlife in the places where she has lived.  Humans have always had a strong bond with totem animals. In Eilisain Jewelry you have the chance to feel the spirit of animals that might otherwise remain unfamiliar. Lisette's design and aesthetic presentation skills have evolved into what is now her signature skill of using the ancient art of wax casting to create pieces of Eilisain Jewelry jewelry immortalizing the beauty and strength of animals such as the owl, crow, deer, badger and bear.  Lisette continues to develop this ancient method and to work in new mediums. She is constantly looking to new ways to adorn the human body in the presentation of these strong bonds between humans and the animal kingdom."

anita fontaine {little paper crane jewelry}
~earth & copper jewelry~  Lynchburg, Virginia
     "Every day is new and fresh. One day I am a maker of jewelry, surrounded by scraps of roofing copper brought home by my husband and little bits of leather I gather and collect. One day I am a baker, covered from head to toe in flour and muffin batter from the days offerings. One day a seamstress with orders to make a matching set of pants just like her baby sister's so they can be "twins". Everyday a mother snuggling little ones, kissing scrapes, washing elbows and knees that are always dirty from all the lovely and free play of the day. 
     What shows up is a result of all these pieces of me...all the parts of my days sewn and stitched, hammered and shaped into things you can wear and cherish in your every day."

mary katherine francisco {hemlock lane jewelry}
~handcrafted eclectic jewelry~  Winchester, Virginia
     "My love for jewelry began as a little girl on Hemlock Lane, thus the name of my business, collecting natural items and turning them into wearable art. I have called the Shenandoah Valley home my entire life. I am currently a student at Shenandoah University. I enjoy working with clay, wood, stone, and metal. I hope you will find my handcrafted creations both unique and fun to wear."

lisa gum {the artful sojourn}
~handcrafted jewelry~  Boyce, Virginia
     "I decided to start The Artful Sojourn as a way to do what I love & to invest the return into those in need. The name The Artful Sojourn comes from the fact that life on earth is incredibly short. Realizing this, I want to make the most of every moment I’m given. I want to live my life with greater purpose... I want to live The Artful Sojourn."

kathleen lange klik {modern nature studio}
~nature-inspired jewelry~  Reston, Virginia
     "I am inspired by nature and contemporary design. My creativity is mostly influenced by the beauty of the landscape. Some of my best ideas come to me while walking with my dog on the trails around the lake. I also draw inspiration from the color and texture of beads and gemstones I have acquired in my travels. I love working with artisan beads and findings as well as those purchased through fair trade that aid in supporting villages in distant lands. These elements are part of the creative process that unfolds into my designs, giving each piece a special meaning or story. I create from the heart, resulting in jewelry that is fun and unique. 
      My jewelry is handcrafted with care in my studio. I take pride in paying attention to detail, aesthetic beauty, and quality. Being environmentally conscience is always a consideration; my packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable. My goal is to make unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry that evokes a sense of creativity and beauty for the person wearing it."

deborah cherry mosch
~crocheted & twisted wire jewelry~  Savannah, Georgia
     "Deborah teaches at The Savannah College of Art and Design and lives in Savannah, Georgia with her husband and their goofy whippet. The materials used for these pieces are a combination of utilitarian hardware, semi-precious and vintage elements. 'My background is in painting and drawing. These pieces are small versions of my paintings; only the materials and scale are different. I see it as a bonus that they can be worn as well as framed and enjoyed on a wall.' "

karen sam norgard
~bead, polymer clay, & metal jewelry~  Savannah, Georgia
     "Karen-Sam Norgard, “Sam” to her friends and family, finds inspiration for her one-of-a-kind jewelry from a number of different sources. The intricate beadwork brings together her considerable design skills in painting and ceramic sculpture, her love of floral themes and her eye for unusual combinations of color, texture and form. Her designs in polymer clay and the rich mix of beads and findings from all over the world are woven into each piece using combinations of traditional African, Native American, French and Victorian constructions. The dynamic process of linking old techniques with new interpretations and contemporary materials reveals a piece’s design as she selects each bead and adds it to the form. Sometimes, if a piece really “speaks” to her, she will create a series based on the same theme so she can fully explore the nuances of the design until it has run its course."

melissa page {blessings by melissa}
~copper pendants & earrings~  Winchester, Virginia
     "Each {handcrafted piece} has a special prayer said over it while it is being made. Some pieces have specific prayers depending on what they signify. For example the breast cancer piece prayer is for depression, worry, and healing. Once a piece is completed, the prayer is for the purchaser to be blessed with prosperity and health. If it takes an hour to create the piece, {the customer} will receive an hour long prayer just for him/her."

acara phipps {acara's jewelry}
~industrial jewelry~  Norfolk, Virginia
     "Acara's jewelry is made from industrial copper washers of varying sizes. Some she hammers to add texture and leaves with the natural copper finish, some she paints with colored enamel and kiln-fires for a glass-like finish."

allyson ross
~handcrafted sterling jewelry~  Portland, Oregon
     "I received my BFA in Metals and Jewelry from the Savannah College of Art and Design and my MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts. I design and fabricate all of my jewelry in my Portland, OR studio."

tami ruggiero {the tipsy pixie}
~multimedia jewelry~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Tami's jewelry is fun, fantastical, and feminine. She collects images from everywhere, then forms them into collages with paint, fibers, mixed media, and glass. Each piece is unique and tells a story. Tami also spends a huge portion of her time teaching others how to unleash their inner creativity."

~laser-cut canine accessories~  Savannah, Georgia
     "SaDeDa are three art professors at the Savannah College of Art & Design who combine their talents to create unique artisan-made jewelry to bark about..."

      Sa: Sam Norgard  |  Along with her lauded list of formal education, Sam spent much of her youth at the family’s flower shop, which started her sense of arrangement, design and craft. Dubbed “the Bentley of Beading,” Sam produces a line of elaborately beaded jewelry. She is also a long-time dedicated member of the Savannah College of Art and Design faculty.
      De: Deborah Cherry Mosch  |  Deborah is an artist and an educator. When she isn’t at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she has been teaching color and design for over twenty years, she is creating and studying all things color and design. Deborah lives in Savannah, Georgia with her most patient husband and most relaxed whippet.
      Da: Dawn Peterson  |  Dawn creates mixed media jewelry in her studio on Tybee Island, GA. Focused on dog symbols and shapes she creates works that are made from traditional media and technology. Her 3 English Setters inspire her art and her desire to help animals in need. She is also a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she teaches first-year students how to draw, design and understand color theory.

kaushambi shah
~handcrafted jewelry~  Rockville, Maryland
     "I am primarily a self-taught jewelry artist and started learning to handcraft jewelry in 2009. Every now and then, I attend workshops by experts and artists to enhance and upgrade my jewelry making skills, often exploring with new materials and techniques. I am most comfortable with stringing, wire-work, knotting and have started exploring metalsmithing.
     During my growing years in india, I drew a lot of influences in colors, textures and design motifs from my natural surroundings and informal painting and art history lessons from around the world, through my art teacher. Now, when I design and handcraft jewelry, I enjoy exploring with colors and textures, and design with gemstones, metals, stone-ware, recycled glass, ceramic, porcelain, leather, paper, resin, faux bone. In the last few years, I have discovered “art beads” - beads and components handcrafted by bead artists specializing in various media. I have been drawn to them due to their handmade nature, uniqueness and the infl uences they carry from their artists based around the world. Every jewelry piece I make has a deep-rooted handmade component, and is a synthesis of the art beads, and the story I continue to tell from my diverse material palette."

teri smith {barron hill jewelry}
~locally mined gemstone jewelry~  Petersburg, Pennsylvania     "In 2007 I decided to turn a career in geology and a hobby in lapidary arts (gemstone cutting) into a new job. The Appalachian Mountains contain quite a few semiprecious gemstones and rocks that lend themselves to unique baroque cabochons and the East Coast has abundant metamorphic rock in the Piedmont and coastal fossil shell... which leads to a liberal interpretation of the term 'local'...
     One particularly beautiful 'rock' is the glass slag produced as a waste from the old iron furnaces in the east. It comes in green, purple, blue, and black. It is a truly unique antique gift for anyone with historical interests. The iron furnaces were most active from about 1840 until 1910... Friends have been put on notice to bring home pretty rocks from their travels as well, leading various interesting gems to appear in my collection... Thank you for considering my work."

john urbanski IV
~welded metal sculptures~  Front Royal, Virginia
A Virginia native and welder by trade, John extends his talent with gestural sculptures of whimsical, and sometimes dark, creatures and scenery."

catherine weers {vintage type girl}
~vintage-inspired accessories~  Chesapeake, Virginia
     "The smell of an old book, ink on the pinky of your writing hand, words repeated in your brain so many times they imprint onto your soul- this is what makes up the goods in vintagetypegirl... I love to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry out of repurposed vintage wallpaper. My wallpaper dates back to the early 1900s and in some cases is hand painted. My jewelry collections are named after women from history (ode to my love of history)."


curtis bartone
~lithograph prints~  Savannah, Georgia
     "Curtis Bartone’s drawings and etchings focus on the uneasy relationship between human beings and the natural world. In particular, Bartone’s work addresses the concept of wilderness, which is typically presented as a distorted fiction rather than a mysterious, pristine reality. The disparate flora and fauna presented in Bartone’s art are often drawn from his personal experience of the natural environments of far-flung countries including Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Zambia, and New Zealand. Filtered through art history and mass media, his works synthesize seemingly disparate elements, revealing connections, beauty, and order amidst apparent disharmony."

elena maza borkland
~botanical watercolor prints~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Elena was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to the U.S. in 1961 as a result of Castro's revolution. A resident of the Washington area since then, she studied architecture at Catholic University, where she gained her first exposure to the arts scene working at Walter Hopps' Washington Gallery of Modern Art. She started painting in 1970 while working as an architectural draftswoman, and later studied at the Corcoran School of Art. Her biography, "Embracing America: A Cuban Exile Comes of Age," was published by University of Florida Presses in 2002."

alyson browett
~regional photography notecards~  Linden, Virginia
     "Alyson is a writer, Appalachian Trail aficionado, and nature photographer. Her beautiful shots are now captured in note card format."

virginia castor {work of heart}
~handcrafted greeting cards~  Strasburg, Virginia
     "Virginia has been making her collage-style greeting cards for a number of years now, selling them in multiple regional outlets. But she doesn't make a penny off of them! She insists that all of her profit go directly to local charities. Virginia also teaches occasional card-making classes-- also for free! She loves making cards that much. By purchasing her cards at gathered, buyers can rest assured knowing they are helping a good cause."

isabel caudill
~acrylic & oil paintings~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "A long-time resident of Warren County,  I began painting 2 years ago after a 25-year "break" from it to raise my autistic youngest son and give him all that he would need to grow.  I am an amateur artist with no formal training." Isabel remarkably captures the many fauna that reside in the mountains of Virginia.

erin cavellier {floats your boat}
~hand bound books & prints~  Asheville, North Carolina
     "While specializing in watercolor and ink paintings, Erin also makes lovely hand bound journals. Many of her books are even covered in paper she sources directly from other artists in the Asheville area."

keith m. cowley
~nature guide, author, & illustrator~  Westerly, Rhode Island
     "Keith M. Cowley grew up in the Connecticut woodlands, deeply guided by nature. After many years of traveling the west as a fossil hunter, preparator and exhibit designer, he returned to New England to reconnect with his roots. He is currently the Naturalist and Program Coordinator for the Westerly Land Trust, Founder of New-Native Foundation, and consulting for the Tomaquag Museum. He is a wild forager, scientific illustrator and educator in and around Westerly, Rhode Island where he now resides."

margaret ellis
~fine art photography~  Silver Spring, Maryland
"Photography for me is about capturing moments in time I don’t want to forget. I fell in love with the tactility of shooting with film when I was very young, and through schooling discovered the absolute joy of shooting with large format film. My images are pure representations of what I find to be most beautiful in nature. I love spending my time hiking with my favorite cameras, and being in the darkroom for hours on end."

sally mae foster
~digitally altered landscape photography~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "Sally Mae Foster is a young wife and mother who feels that she is truly living the dream as she is able to fill her days with reading, writing, music, drawing, sewing, photography, painting and gardening as well as the necessary cooking, cleaning, shopping and et cetera of homemaking. She is positively aglow with joy to join the esteemed ranks of the Makers with gathered."

sara gossett {golden haze}
~pattern-based prints & cards~  Richmond, Virginia
     "Drawing and painting have been means of expression that I've turned to my whole life- or as long as I can really remember, at least. But it wasn't until sometime over the last couple of years that I really felt it was possible to put my artwork out there into the universe. I am still walking that path, learning more each day, always seeking to improve, and above all just keep going and keep creating!
     Artistic pursuits (of any kind) are the most mystical, magical endeavors that can be felt; they are at once the most human, and also the most spiritual. Art in all its forms allows us to get to the very core of our being and beyond."

cara herchenrother {print stitch & paste}
~handmade paper goods~  Richmond, Virginia
     "[I'm] a graphic designer and artist living between Richmond, Virginia and Yakima, Washington. I believe beautiful design is a process of exploration, communication, and ample experimentation. It comes from a love of materials, research, texture, details, and experience. This love pushes me to evolve as both an artist and designer, allowing each identity to influence one another with every new opportunity. Much of my inspiration is found in fabrics, repurposed interiors, topography & geography, fauna, and wildlife."

cinda kostyak {knittany arts}
~watercolor paintings & textile accessories~  State College, Pennsylvania
     "Cinda graduated from Penn State with a major in art (oil painting), but found she spent her days raising a family, returning to school for a graduate degree, and working at Penn State until her recent retirement. Now that she has blocks of free time each day, she's eagerly returned to artistic endeavors and discovered she loves it all; watercolor, oil, acrylics, graphite, fiber arts, and whatever tomorrow may bring. Many of her paintings are 'plein air' pieces from sites throughout Central Pennsylvania."

ann & chris lewis
~photography, collage work, & textiles~  Bentonville, Virginia
     "Ann has been interested in paper crafts for many years: starting with making hand-crafted cards to send to friends and relatives, she was soon being asked to make them for other people. That led to cards, gift tags, bookmarks and notelets being made for sale at local craft fairs and shops in Middleburg and at Gathered in Front Royal. In the last few years the handmade items extended to include dog beds and quilted tote bags. All products are completely hand made and original. Ann lives just outside Browntown, VA with her husband, cats and numerous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!"
     "Chris is an ex-pat Englishman, now living in Virginia. He has been taking photographs for over 20 years, starting in the days of film cameras and light meters. Living in Virginia provides ample opportunities to indulge his interest in nature: photographing beautiful landscapes, animals and flowers."

missi magalis
~fiction author~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "I’ve lived in Front Royal my entire life. The town is the setting for three of my books and will likely continue to be the setting for others. I am very proud of Front Royal. It is beautiful, and I love it here... I’ve never known a time when I didn’t love to read and write. When I was around five years old, I found this broken typewriter in the unfinished part of our basement. I spent hours tapping the keys and telling stories in my head. No paper, no ink—but it didn’t matter. I believe I’ve wanted to be a writer since then."

steven p. mosch
~color landscape photography~  Savannah, Georgia
      "Steve Mosch has taught and practiced photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design for thirty years. While much of his landscape work deals with the complex relationships between the man-made and natural worlds, this current series is a quiet celebration of the simple natural beauty found in the everyday world. Not being holiday-specific (well, except one maybe), they imply that each day is special, and that beauty is everywhere, every day."

jody mussoff
~whimsical illustrated notecards~  Front Royal, Virginia
     "I moved to Front Royal recently, having spent the last 35 years in the D.C. area. My art life for at least 30 of those years was making large colored pencil drawings and showing them in galleries, in D.C. and a handful of cities around the U.S. My drawings are in various collections, including Hirshhorn Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and Yale University Art Center. For the last 12 years of so, I began also to make ceramics. I like to draw people and animals from my imagination, and they have always been the subjects of my drawings. Now I draw them on my clay pieces, although in a more whimsical and simplified fashion."

julie norris {yestermorrow}
~rainbow bridge calendars~  Orlando, Florida
My main gigs are mothering my daughter, owning Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando and hosting Front Porch Radio on the local radio station... My latest project is the Rainbow Bridge Calendar – bridging the Gregorian method of marking time with the rhythms of our solar system and chakras. Hope you enjoy!"

zoë tilley poster
~graphite illustrations~  Scranton, Pennsylvania     "With graphite pencil and Bristol paper, I weave pictorials tales of the wild world. Sitting down to my desk in the morning, my first task is to sort through a little heap of accumulated ephemera (meaning the dirty bits I've brought back from the forest, along with a few, confused, first-sip-of-coffee concepts). I gather any reference photos I need for the day, then warm up with a series of quick sketches, getting to know the angles, curves and character of my subject. The final drawing is a slow process, but fun. Eventually, an image emerges clearer on paper than it was in my mind… a satisfying and surprising feeling, each time it happens!"

cole & heather sebald (prints & printcess}
~printed goods~  Charlottesville, Virginia     "A prince with a metalsmith background and his princess with a printmaking background work together to bring you the best, and cutest personalized clothes, journals, books, and much more. We each live in Charlottesville, Virginia now. We love making stuff. We make all our designs ourselves."

kirsten sparenborg-brinton {turn-of-the-centuries}
~architectural & vintage-inspired paper goods~  Staunton, Virginia
     "turn-of-the-centuries prints are inspired by history - the quiet marks of passing time found in cities and towns, in buildings, in rooms. A street grid, the architectural details of a building, a wall patterned and aged are evidence of a period and symbols for a story. 
     The drawings are transformed into prints, books, and note cards, often collaged with other textures and patterns and produced through digital and material methods for a layered effect. I make drawings to understand and appreciate something that inspires. My greatest gratification is to find someone who also appreciates the inspiration and my re-presentation."

kerry & neil stavely {horse and hare}
~block prints~  Winchester, Virginia
     "Horse isn't really a horse but a woman named Kerry Stavely. She is a graphic designer by day and photographer, painter, and conceptual musician by night... Hare is no rabbit. He is the unflinching tattoo artist, painter and printer Neil Stavely. Neil can be found most days at BodyArt in Berryville, VA or on the couch painting."

norma white
~collaged note cards~  Linden, Virginia
I started making cards for my sister, Kay, when she got cancer - I wanted her to know how important she is to me. My sister is now doing well; I am retired, but still making her a new card every week, so I am happy."


melissa brooks
~repurposed wine cork & wood housewares~  Manassas, Virginia
Everyone has felt it. Sometimes, it happens right away. Sometimes, it grows on you. You see something. It stays with you. You know it belongs with you. While my quest is to put myself out there and to create work that I am proud of,  my hope is that people will connect to my work and feel this experience."

terry fox {the turning point}
~turned wooden wares~  Front Royal, Virginia
     Bio coming soon...

mary panesis {tuatha gallery}
~earth-centered functional art~  Flint Hill, Virginia
     "Mary creates new, beautifully useful items from the "scraps" others have left behind. Each of her completely unique serving boards are made from various types of reclaimed wood and finished with her own natural blend of beeswax Board Butter. All are food-safe."

meg parker {the painted branch}
~nature-infused home decor~  Sterling, Virginia
     "My real passion is injecting new life into things! I see the potential in what things can be and not just for what they are. Chalk paint is my friend. I'm a lover of all things vintage, natural, old and decorative!"

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